Prototype Design Pattern

What is the Prototype Design Pattern The prototype design pattern is a method where a new instance of an object is obtained by asking a manager to return the clone of one. In the earlier tutorials we saw how abstract factory pattern can be used to create a family of objects and builder pattern can […]

Abstract Factory Pattern

Abstract factory pattern is a creational pattern. It provides an interface using which a client can instantiate a group of related Objects. This tutorial explains the Abstract factory pattern using a Car manufacturing algorithm. Example We design a framework that can build cars. We build two types of cars, a Mazda and a Ferrari. The […]

Factory Method – Tutorial and Example

What is Factory Method? Factory method is a creational pattern that helps in abstracting the process of object creation. What this means is that the class that uses the object is not necessarily the class that instantiates the object. In fact, the class that uses the object has absolutely no idea about the exact type […]

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