XStream – Custom Converter for BufferedImage

In the previous tutorials we saw an example of how to convert a java object to XML and back. That tutorial also explained the concept of aliases and implicit collection. While serializing a Java object to XML XStream uses custom converters. These converters specify how to create XML from a Java Object or how to create a Java Object from XML elements. In most cases the provided converters should suffice, however, in certain cases you may want to create your own converters. To do so create a class that implements com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.Converter and implement the void marshal(Object source, HierarchicalStreamWriter writer, MarshallingContext context); and Object unmarshal(HierarchicalStreamReader reader, UnmarshallingContext context); The example below demonstrates a CustomConverter. To make the example more interesting we will write a converter to serialize a BufferedImage. The image for the example can be
downloaded from here

XStream – Custom Converter for BufferedImage

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